Burner turns off every time

Ummm I have a liteon 48x24x48 burner and apparently everytime I burn a CD the laser keeps turning on and off at around 30% done (the light keeps changing from red to orange)…
why is this happening? could there be something wrong with my burner? or my CDs perhaps? any way to test the drive?

bump, anyone?

First, check if DMA is enabled.
Then I would propose reading this thread and a visit to this forum

Good luck. :wink:

my bad:) hadnt read the FAQs…

as for DMA, it’s already enabled. I cant figure this out. I’ve burned about 50 discs and the same thing happens with all of them. They’re cheap TDKs but would the disc cause such a problem? I’ve tried using another computer with a lite-on DVD burner and it doesn’t have a problem burning any of the CDs…
any ideas?

I believe that this is just the burner changing from one write speed to another. It’s part of the SMART-Burn technology. I’ve had this same thing happen on my older 24x liteon drive, and my current 52x cdrw liteon. The drive auto-configures the right speed to burn at, and this is most probably the issue that you’re reporting.

hmm ok… still it stays of for like 20 seconds:D weird