Burner suddenly slowed down by factor of 2!

I’m running an ASUS CRW-5224A burner on Nero It used to burn audio CDs (from mp3 files) in about 2:20. Today I burned such a CD and it took over 5 minutes! I was using the same media as before. I tried burning the same compilation using my other burner which is a 24X burner (on the same computer) and it burnt the CD in four minutes. So it appears that the problem is with the ASUS burner. Could the fact that I (over)burnt a 703 MB DivX movie a couple of days ago be the problem? What else would cause a sudden decline in write speed?


Computer Specs
ASUS A7N8X Deluxe
Athlon XP2500+
512 MB Crucial RAM


I uninstalled and then reinstalled Nero and reburnt the same compilation on the same media using the ASUS burner. It took 2:27 which is the expected burn time. I’m not sure what happened with the previous install of Nero, but it’s fixed now. :slight_smile:

BTW, for those that are interested, it was an 18 track audio CD (from MP3 files) that totalled 70 minutes. Is anyone seeing faster write times than that on an equivalent MP3 to audio CD burn?

I would say it may be the media.Case in point: I had a spindle of 4x media that i rely on,but for some strange reason,one of the discs burned at 2x!!! This has happened from time to time,and I can only
say that maybe intentionally,or unintentionally,a slower rated disc is slipped in there with the faster ones… :confused:

I thought about that, but I burnt the same music compilation 3 times on the ASUS burner to try to rule out the possibility that it was the media. It burnt slowly all 3 times. Then I used the same media with my 24X Lite-On burner and it burnt at the expected speed, which turned out to be faster than the 52X ASUS. Then I reinstalled Nero and burnt the same compilation yet again, on my ASUS burner, and it completed the job in 2:27. So for it to have been the media, there would have had to have been exactly 3 “slow” discs sandwiched into the spindle. Pretty unlikely I think…

I’m convinced something got screwed up or changed in Nero, possibly when I overburnt a disc and that reinstalling Nero was what fixed the problem.

Thanks though for the response!