Burner stuck in pio mode

My problem is that my LG GSA-H10A DVD Burner is stuck on pio mode. I’v tried everything, including attacting it to a new and seperate ide cable, resetdma.vbs (which caused my hard drives to be stuck in pio moe and I ended up having to re-install windows xp to fix problem) and un-installing the ide channel.

Any ideas what else I should try?

This is my motherboard if it helps.

You could try switching the HDD(s) to the Secondary IDE channel & the burner to the primary.
That’s what I needed to do with my older MSI m/b to get DMA to work correctly.

I had the same problem, it’s a bug in XP. You can fix it by editing your registry–(deleting 2 keys, and adding a new one). This page will tell you exactly what to do: http://users.bigpond.net.au/ninjaduck/itserviceduck/udma_fix/

I did the regedit thing LesStrater mentioned and now my burner is on Ultra DMA Mode 2. Except now my computer is booting a bit slowing and randomly freezing up and forcing me to hit the restart button on the front of my computer.

I sorta got a new problem. My dvd burner is in ultra dma mode 2 now, and my computer is booting ok again, but now my dvd burner won’t work. I open ImgBurn and it freezes at “Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices”.

Any ideas on what I should try?

I’m having the same problems triganimaru, I ended up reformating after my system kept hanging.

I’m running an AMD 4600+
ASUS M2V mobo
2 gig 667mhz ram
LG GSA-H22N burner

Any help would be appreciated.