Burner stops reading

My Sony® DW-D22A DVD±RW was workign fine for 2 years and it just stopped reading my gaming cd (Warcraft 3) half way. I tried other cds and dvds but it won’t read. My comptuer detects it and says that it is workign fine but it won’t detect it. I wonder what is going on with it. I also found out that it is a Lite on drive and changed it that but it didn’t fix when I applied the patch.

Is it necessary to doublepost?

You may clean the drive.

Ack, my bad for double posting. May I ask how to clean my drive and I’m pretty sure that it is connected by SATA as I do not see any IDE.

Well it seems that it is working now but it only reads dvd and not cds. Should I upgrade it or something?

Weird, I just got the same problem, my DW-D22A locked up in the middle of burning a CD, and since then it will not read or write ANY CD’s. However, it continues to work perfectly with DVD’s!

Has anyone experienced this issue and been able to solve it? Even if it’s with any other drive, might help…