Burner stop to recognize RW

Hi everybody: I have a Sony DVD RW burner model DW-D22A. Until some days ago it works fine but now it don´t recognize CDs or DVDs RW as RW, it recognize them as R. This problem is the same with CDs or DVDs new or with used discs. In other works, the burner work fine, it burn, play and so on with all type of discs, including the RW, only that these discs are recognized as R and I can´t erase them.
Thanks for your help.

Do you use ANYDVD or a RPC software ? If so, disable it and try again.

Simular problem I viewed a protected DVD with ANYDVD and now my Hitachi burner won’t Burn any more. It reads DVD’s Its Burns CD fine.
Any Ideas?

Welcome :slight_smile:
In the taskbar you find an ANYDVD icon which allows to disable it. Check if this resolves your problem.

i’ve got the DW-D26A - same thing - doesn’t recognize any media inserted in the drive
Do NOT want to trash my system - what is available and ACTUALLY WORKS???

Test your drives in another computer - easiest way to find out what’s wrong.