Burner Starts lead in & then spoils my DVD! HELP!

I changed disc type from DVD+R to DVD-R ('cause I heard DVD-R are better for movies) & now after transcoding & then nero vision express 2 starts to write lead in I notice it takes long & my HDD light is not blinking although the burner is burning. Then the disc is ejected & burn was unsuccessful! 2 bad DVD-R’s so far. Only part of the disc appears burned. Isn’t DVD-R better for standalone players? What to do??? It was set to write at 2X. Is it because of the DVD-R blanks? Or do I have to defrag or something??? Give me some options. This exact incident happened with clone dvd (I don’t use it anymore) I only successfully burned 1 DVD out of 5 & it was a DVD+R Benq.

Dell dimension 2100
900MHz Celeron
Geforce 4 MX440 PCI
Windows ME
Nero 6.3111 Bundled
Benq 8X 4.7GB DVD-R blanks

This could be so many different things wrong, but they all are related to your PC. Your PC is at the minimum side of things 900mhz and 128mb ram, both the hdd and dvd-rw are on 40pin connector cables unless you changed them to 80 way cables, the PSU is only 145W :eek: . This would explain the 2x burn. It may have been luck that you burned the disk you did correctly. Look over here: http://support.jp.dell.com/docs/systems/dim2100/specs.htm

Regardless it should at least burn something though even at 2x, the benq disk’s dont mean much in the end, as that only the brand name, any olde company could make the burning side, try http://dvd.identifier.cdfreaks.com/ this will tell you the exact manufacturer of the disk, maybe the -r is’t liked by the lite-on drive.

I think a major limiting factor here could be the amount of Ram present only 128…hmmm.I’m using Compaq 5bw137 667 cel. :frowning: …But 512 ram max for this board…New Power supply Antec 380…I do get good burns on my 812s@832s CG3E but I refrain from 8x burns and only recently attemted 6x with good results…Liteon drives are not known for good results with dvd-r discs (are some exceptions) Look into book type settings.I suggest dvd-rom for greater compatability…Suggest you do a bit of reading on this as I’m know where near an expert (/me looks around for Codeking or other knowledgable regulars lol) Hmmm…I would appreciate some elaboration on the “40pin connector cables vs.80 way cables” issue

Liteon burner prefer DVD+R media, so you should go back to +R and set the booktype to DVD-ROM.
Your burning problem might me caused by bad media, post the media code of the disks you use.

A 900 MHz CPU is fast enough. 128 MB is not much, but enough if you close other memory hungry programs. The 40 pin IDE cable is ok. It supports up to UDMA 3 (44 MB/sec), but UDMA 2 (33MB/sec) is more than fast enough. Defragging your HD is a must on slow systems, having a separate 5 GB partition for burning DVDs would even be better, assuming your 20 GB HD is not the fastest. Your HD and burner should be on different IDE busses for maximum performance. Disable online virus scanner for your source directory.

Post the output of nero infotool so we can have a look at your config, use nero/preferences/cache/test drive speed to measure the HD speed, use kprobe 2.4.2/info/drive/query for the burst rate (scroll down). Also post a kprobe BLER scan of the bad disks.

What is book type settings? How to access it?

You can access it by using the forum search function or searching the sticky Liteon Tools Collection thread for ‘book’ :slight_smile: