Burner speed 16, but not working with 16 speed DVD's, help!




What do you do when your burner runs at 16 speed, but only burns onto 8 speed DVD’s, not 16??

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Can you give more details?

What burner do you have? What firmware? What discs are you using exactly? Have you checked if DMA is enabled?



Dumb girl response… What’s DMA??? :wink:


follow the link I posted previously :wink:

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Great, will check that out.
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Let us know if this solve your problem


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Don’t forget these ones:

Pop in the media in your burner, run Nero CD-DVD Speed “Disc Info”, make a screenshot using the small disc icon on the top right (save as PNG) and post the image here using the “manage attachement” feature.

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Edit: also might be helpful to read this thread (although you drive might be different): http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=171150.


That’s a really good idea - I was about to post that if it isn’t a DMA issue, maybe the burner doesn’t think the disc is good enough for 16x :wink:

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Thanks you guys. You are very friendly and helpful here!!
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Oh, BTW… Are they going away with making the 8x speed???



The “join date” and number of posts is a dead giveaway. (And “New on forum”.)

How are you going with those details that geno888 suggested that you post?



As Colin said, the date and # of posts gave you away :bigsmile:

As for doing away with 8x discs - that’s mostly all I can find here in “regular” stores! Hardly any 16x media…yet.


Not a media issue. :disagree: => moved to the optical drive forum.

[B]Melanie[/B], I will move this thread in the right section (so you can get more help) if you mention your [B]burner brand and exact model[/B]. :wink:


I was asking you guys for a co-worker of mine here at work. I’ve relayed your suggestions, so hopefully it’s one of those two things!!

You guys are great!!



The brand is Memorex, dual layer, 16x speed.
16x speed discs not burning… whole spool wasted!!!
Only goes to 77% burned…


I know it’s a bit late to tell you this…but Memorex are crap - they tend to use different manufacturers for their discs. Verbatim DL discs are the only way to go at the moment, IMO.

Sorry for the bad news :frowning:


Have you checked if DMA is enabled?

Can you ask to your co-worker to do also a burst rate test?

It’s simple. Put a disc on the burner (NOT a blank one) and select menu “Run Test” --> “Burst Rate” and post results here.

I agree with [B]Arachne[/B]: memorex media have a too high variability and is easy to buy a bad batch of media. Can you suggest him/her to burn these media @12x or 8x to see if this solve.

Also a defrag of HD will be useful: a heavily fragmented (worst if disc is almost full) can cause bad burnings


If I’m not mistaken the burner is Memorex, not the media. I’ve never heard of 16x DL discs… :wink:


There’s no such animal, in [I]any[/I] brand. If they’re DL, then they’d be 2.4x (at a guess). If they’re 16x, they’re single layer.

I agree with Arachne and geno888: best to steer clear of Memorex. I actually have some Memorex 8x hub printable DVD-R’s that I bought when I wanted hub printables and nothing else was available (it was Boxing Day). These ones are made by CMC; they don’t burn very well in my old Pioneer burner, but work very well in my new one. Even so, I won’t be buying them again. (I can get Verbatim hub printables cheaper… when the store’s open.)

So what sort of burner is it? Some handle various grades of media better than others.

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