Burner Software and Privacy


I’m trying to get some advice on whats the best
software to use to make a dvd movie backup and protect my privacy
“there are a ton of them out there” and it is really confusing.

right now I’m trying Ripit4Me, DVDDecrypter, dvdshrink32, and FixVTS
as a team.

On the pay side whats my best bet, 1clickpro, anydvd and clonedvd2 as a team
or use imageburn instaed of clonedvd2

Do any contain spyware or anything else to know about, like includeing a id number
when burning or keeping a customer burn database etc, because I’m really pro privacy
"you really don’t read about anybody asking these kind of questions anywhere

Example 1clickpro will also install a google add on to the browser
but it says will not include an identifiable ip when burning.
and also says some copy software out there will do eactly that


I’m just trying to find out What is the safest and most reliable to use
which does not contain anything but the software to make burning
a dvd movie backup possible.



Code" right now I’m trying Ripit4Me, DVDDecrypter, dvdshrink32, and FixVTS
as a team."

These are among the best and mostly free you need and can use, as for privacy, forget it even the big Hollywood Movie makers can’t have the best protection on their products since there is always the tools or programs to by pass that.

Hi thanks for replying

What I mean by protecting ones privacy is that
I have read some dvd copy software during a dvd backup
will Also include (unknowingly burn in) personlly indetifiable informationl
which can be traced back to a certain computer or customer

also is there any other information being passed other then
what is needed for key activation? for any purticular software program
Because I have read nothing that explains this on the license agreenents or privacy policys I’ve seen.

I think should any DVD copy program gather user info or automaticly burn in id
or other information without disclosing or consent, that would be against the law and subject to suit


You don’t have to make it to complicated to yourself, those programs are free shareware and you don’t have to worry about the stuff you are mentioning.

Why would that be a problem?

If you don’t sell copyrighted / copied material, you have nothing to worry about.

Hi that reply of yours sounds like a standard run of the mill
Movie industry taking point,

Fortunaly the real point
of my post is about ones privacy and the total declousure of snake like actions.
“Now really” you would at least figure “If your just a avg dvd user like most around
here” you’ld ALSO be intersted or at least somewhat concerned?

All things being strictly legal ask your self this
1 would you want anyone to knowing what you copy? dvd, movie or data?
2 what you watch? (of course related to what you would want to copy
3 how many times you backup?
4 iF SO who’s to make sure what’s DISTINQUIST lets say between what’s copyrighted and what’s not
like your home movies and where do you draw the line

JUST TO NAME A FEW, so its NOT ALL about bad guys my friend

Doesn’t hurt to have a look
Has anyone even sniffed the packet flow of any of these programs when in use?

is meant for THOSE OUT THERE making dvd backup copy’s ANYTHING
and should serve as a wake up call to start thinking about and asking about privacy related questions
about the DVD burning software THEY ARE USING and exactly who’s behind them. AS WELL as what info they are
Adding to burns and any personal info they are collecting.

Second it is totaly legal where I live should I decide or learn to make a dvd backup
of something I own, What’s very odd is that I discovered in a “least case scenario” some burning software
includes identifiable information during the burn process worst case maybe all in some way

Ask thse questions and demand answers
or at least get them on the record.

In the end Most are in it for the money, any buyout OR PAYYOFF by any media industry
will include all the records on hand, I would guess better the records, higher the price.

That could include a knock on the door one day.



You ask a interesting question. I am thinking their are trackers in the burns possibly to prevent piracy and just to nose around what people are burning. Honestly man if your hoping for privacy its not going to happen when using ANYTHING electronic. I personally think it is next to impossible. That doesn’t mean give up just means i am bing realistic. …If your being this paranoid then you should be careful when you take a digital photo or print anything. There is similar privacy concerns when you take a pic and because your camera will store some misc info on the photos file about usage etc. When you print something some of your pc info is microscopically on the page.

The only way to be sure of what is happening is to use open-source burning software. That way nobody can hide spyware in the program.

I’m not perioniod at the least, when I want a dvd movie or game I just go buy it
I came across this forum a little while back looking to get a dvd burner because of the added storage it provided for data, and to watch movies

I then got into the possibiltys of backing up some movies I own

Simply put, the more I read about this stuff the more I see wolfs garding the hen house and just felt I should POINT THIS OUT

Because out of all the post I have ever read on this topic not one person asked even some basic questions about privacy concerns and info collecting

Example “I’m not picking on any one burner software program so I won’t name it” look around you’ll find it

From what I read over 700 orders Names, addresses, emails "the whole 9 yards related to burner software purchases, where never turned over from a credit card processer they used according to the the company itself, where did it go? or did it really go missing from within along with other info and not the credit card processer? GET MY JEST

Because how in the world “not to mention legally” can a credit card proccesser not turn this over to a merchant you figure heads would role right?, Just doesn’t pass the basic’s of a smell test to me.

theres a thing called being to periniod,
and then theres a thing called being smart
its a fine line snakes spinners tend to bend.

I know what your saying but the point I am trying to make the way things are set up this is nearly impossible to avoid. I am curious now if there is a solution for this. Like the person above suggested a open source burning program might be a solution would be nice to know of one that actually works and doesn’t track what your doing.

Don’t take this the wrong way but if your this paranoid then you shouldn’t even use your pc and pay everything in cash. Otherwise there is no way to hide. I am just being realistic. I know there are things that aren’t right, only other thing that can be done is change it in some way. Thanks for bringing the subject up. Just keep in mind there is alot of things tracking our usage daily. It is the age we live in. No I don’t like it but I don’t get up in arms over it by freaking out.

DVD-R (but not DVD+R) has a “Recording Management Area” where the burner stores a string when it starts to burn. This string usually contains manufacturer, model and serial number of a burner. Not all burners do record their serial numbers though!

For example, an LG GSA-H10A would record [I]HL-DT-ST 915EFEB07… DVDRAM GSA-H10A[/I] while a LiteOn SHW-1635S would simply record [I]SONY DW-Q30A YS0Z[/I] or similar.

Maybe I’m not explaining things clear enough
No one is freaking out nor being paranoid or rude
I am Just pointing out that if a burner software is practicing this type of deceit
They simply need to just disclose it

That is all


Because Sunlight is always the best disinfectant.

No one is freaking out
No one is Paranoid

Seems like i remember DVDINFO PRO a few years ago saying their product will show drive info and other stuff on a disc no other program showed.

It is hard for the members of this forum frankly to understand your intention and agenda of your posting. If you are trying to do or to get members comments on the matter that are against the rules of CDFreaks policy then you better be sure find members reluctant to do so.

dvd+r is much better then dvd-r
it loads faster and has better a error checking, but thats somthing else

I am reffering to the software you buy and use to copy (burn) dvds
not the DVD burners but that opens another can of worms
thanks for the info I didn’t know that

Not clear what you stating
dicussing the indivial privacy concerns (NOT THE MOVIE INDUSTRY) about burning and uasng burning software,

How can a tread on Indivial privacy concerns relating to dvd be against forum rules?

May be I am and some other are confused what you really asking.

Your privacy starts at your machine security policies and - as referred above - depending on the nature of what you are doing.
You can count on burnt discs IDs that can trace back to you - but if you don’t break any significant rule who would care to pay such an investigation?
If you software “calls home” - you have to look at what kind of stuff you are using. Some may do others don’t.
You have to look at the logs your burning software may leave in your HDD - some may keep a “history” of your recordings.
You have to look at the registry of your O/S - a lot of information is left there about what you play or record. the pages you see, etc.
You have to consider what is left in your HDD after you delete the info you don’t others to see - but you’d be surprised how deep some forensic tools can go. However, why would the police be after you if you are not doing anything wrong?
As I think I already referred - look at you machine securitty - what info is going out (do you have backdoors installed?, do you have programs reporting out? - there are tools that allow you to try to prevent this - and, take care about access to your machine and to your information - if you don’t want ohters to know what you see, don’t allow them to enter your info or to access to the place where you have your machine.
Paranois? Maybe, on that respect you can go as far as you wanna go.

I was trying to find out if anyone knew to what extent personal information was being transmitted when using third party burning software, I now have come to relized a ton of information more then one could imagine.

I’m talikng about third party burning software and what PERSONAL INFORMATION and to what extent it communicates back to its servers PERIOD, I seem to be bombarded by industry type responces and clouding
of my main question

Responces tend to say “so what” other replys "question my motive?
or attack me as “perinoid etc” some even as blatantly say a lot of info being supplied, everything but sounding concerned about privacy
almost to the point of leaning toward industry certainlly not the user

Look no more then the post I quote above, hes off on machine privacy stuff, basicly everything else under the sun but the topic of third party burning software communicting personal information and to what exent THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY GAOL simply to find out