Burner screwed?



Okay heres the thing my dvd burner will read store bought dvds and cds but will not read or recognize blank dvds or burned discs of any sort as of this morning. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and rebooting several times but nothing. What can I do to absolve the problem without losing anything I have stored on my hard drive?


Any suggestions?


If the drive can read pressed DVDs, then you may have crappy media. Probably those no-name Taiwanese specials.


no, maxwell, memorex and centrios…


If you mean MAXELL then this are the only good ones from your list. Depends also on the drive.


I am also using Fuji Film. I can’t understand this, how is that my burner, an HP Pavillion 300n, could read and write any media without any hesitations and or problems just stop over night?!?!? It doesn’t make sense!!!


Firmware update…


Model of burner? Did you added new CD/DVD burn software? Use system restore to revert to a previous windows configuration if the drive was able to read those discs.


I have the latest firmware update for my burner, at least thats what I was told when trying to update it from the HP site, my burner is an HP dvd 300n writer. And no new burning software. I was only using Nero, DVD Santa, CloneDVD2 and Alcohol 120%. I don’t know how to restore to its previous configuration…I have a lot of things on my hard drive I am scared to lose if I do. Thank you all for your responses I really appreciate your help.


Well, see if you can find someone that could partition your hard drive. Then create an image file of your C partition. Use BOOTIT NG (comes with partition manager and image program). It’s free for 30 day. Now you can safely tweak your software and not worry about losing data.


No I can’t do that.


Look at the Alcohol 120% “virtual cd/dvd-rom drive emulation” I think it is the “Alc 50%” part of 120%. Deinstall or disable it. Also look in Windows XP services (“Start” -> “Execute” -> “services.msc” as Admin) whether there is sth like the Win XP IMAPI or InCD Server of Nero or sth of Alcohol running. If yes, right-click -> “stop” the service(s). Maybe disable those you dont need permanently (right-click -> “Properties” -> change from “automatic” to “manual” or “disabled”).

Maybe this may help. I had InCD Reader (for UDF formatted CDs/DVDs) making DVD-Rs unaccessible on my laptop!

Good luck!


No such luck, thank you for trying fellas. Looks like my burner is burned out.