Burner says it has burned the dvd but yet it has not?!

Hello all, :slight_smile:

After fiddleing around with my pc and getting all of the software correctly on the pc(thanks to the post!!) I “had” nero 6,dvd shrink and dvd decrypter and rip4me on my pc. It will not copy region 2 dvds as my pc is region 4. (DAMM I HATE THIS REGION STUFF!! :a )
Anyway, I had problems with this so i took off dvd decrypter and ripit4me. and went with dvd shrink(which is what i use to have.) it will copy the dvd and say ‘all has gone well’ and is copied but when you look at the disc or try to play it it is blank!! :confused:
Why is this???
My dvd burner will read dvds ok and will burn cds ok. but when it comes to burning dvds it will not. i have had the burner for 3 yrs now it is lite on SOHW-1693S. i have updated the firmware so i know that all is good in this respect.
can anyone out there help me?

ithink this had been my problem all along…not so much the software but the dvd burner!!!

look forward to your posts…

The same has happend me many times when I choosed (in Shrink) to burn with Nero and Nero was set only to simulate. :doh:

Shrink and ripit4me is great combo. Just remember to save ripped movie as ISO file. Burn with ImgBurn. :wink:

BTW, “region” is no problem with Lite-On drives because they can easily be made region free. :slight_smile:

how do you make these lite on drives region free?? you would soooobe my hero if you can do that for me :bow:
And what is a iso file is it easy to do all of this?
Please can you post a step by step list of things i need to do to fix my burner to region free and also what order to install all of thse programs and how to use them. i am not the most “computer friendly” girl around!! :o

thanks heaps look forward to your reply :smiley:

Girlz are smarter my GF reminds me every day. :smiley:

Regionfree: LtnRPC also part of KProbe.
Won’t post any guides, that’s up to you to find.

Shrink with links to guides.
RipIt4Me guide. :wink:

Hi Ya! :slight_smile:
Thanks for the guides. i managed to find the LtnRPC software and in use with region killer it seems to work fine. The guie said something about Ltn RPC will make your drive free but not windows so use region killer. it all works ok now so fingers crossed for burning a dvd. i havent got that far yet! but if i have any problems i will be sure to post it.
thanks heaps :bigsmile: