Burner Recommendation


I was wondering if anybody could give me some recommendations for a suitable DVD burner.

My only criteria is that it needs to be an IDE drive, and it would be used mostly for CD burning, as I don’t burn that many DVD’s. I have experienced problems in the past with an LG burner which didn’t perform well with CD’s, so I though I’d get a few recommendations first before I jump in and buy one.


You can go into “CD and DVD Burners” section of this site and see what people say about burners.
I personally have two LG once and without problem. It could be the cheap disc you may have purchased.

If you can afford it (it is highly priced, around €100), there should be still some Plextor Premium2 available in stores. For CD burning is certainly the best option.

A cheaper alternative is any recent DVD burner. I like the performance of Pioneer drives, so I suggest the Pioneer 115 or 116, but I think that any recent drive will have a good performance if you use good quality discs :slight_smile:

Thanks, I think I’ll go with the 116, I’ve had good experiences with Pioneer previously and I’d been considering this model.