Burner reads/writes cdr/rw but not dvd's!

i have a dvd writer which will not recognize any dvd disk, whether it be +/- 1x,2x etc.
the writer will burn any cdr/rw though

im actually not sure if it is a cyberdrive/khypermedia dx082d because the drives i have found similiar to it do not look like mine does.
this drive actually says arrgo on the front of the drive.
heres my specs!

Intel Pentium 4 cpu 2800 mhz
Bus Speed 133 mhz
motherboard p4x400-8235
system via p4x400-8235
bios phoenix 6.00 pg
memory 768 mb (60ns)
realtek ac 97 audio
ati pro 9000 128 mb

windows xp sp2 installed

dvd drive in question specs from nero infotool
type: dvd+/- r/rw recorder
read 40x
firmware version 150b
buffersize 8mb
date ?
serial ?

i have only nero 6 ultra edition installed right now, but i have tried roxio 9.0 also with the same results. any recordable dvd i place in the drive is not recognized.
the drive reads regular dvds also, i dont have any burnt dvd’s to try in it :slight_smile:
the types of dvd’s i have tried to burn are memorex +r 8x max, memorex -r 16x max, ridata 4x dvd+rw, phillips named +r 16x max, all of which are not recognized by nero as media, it always says insert media after i place them in.

i have the drive on my secondary ide channel, with the drive set to master via jumper. also dma in device manager of the secondary ide channel stays on dma if available, and ive never seen the transfer mode change from Ultra DMA mode 2.
ive searched the web for other people with errors of the same type an tried random solutions but havent had any luck.
the last thing i tried was to change the bitrate via dvdinfopro, but when i try to change it the “current settings” are nothing but ------'s !!
any help would be appreciated! thanks.

o ya i forgot i downloaded the latest motherboard drivers from via last nite to see if that would fix but no go on that either.!

Does it read DVD-ROM?
If it doesn’t, it could be that the DVD laser has died. In this case, you need a new drive.

i guess the laser is dead cause it wont play saw 2
keeps sayin drive not ready when i try to play it with nero showtime

Specs for your burner: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdwriters.php?DVDnameid=198