Burner probs with windows files being altered



I have read here about similar problems to my own and have a friend who has installed many cd writers on computers who now recommends using a seperate windows partition on your hdd to use any burner so the system doesnt get corrupted. Ive lost the use of my burner twice both times it gives me the error “a device attached to the system isnt working” the first time after many days of frustration playing with everything imaginable a fresh windows reinstall fixed it fine now Im using the network to burn discs till I find out if theres a simple solution ie are there some files in windows that have been changed and I can put them back or registry stuff or what the hell is it? I install a lot of different programs on my pc and I understand how older or newer files are sometimes substitued and this causes probs Ive got a 7060a 1.7 win98 and direct cd any ideas???