Burner probs HP 8100i (80min & 74min cdrs)



K I could really use some help on this little problem I have.
I needed to burn a Bin/Cue file that was about 77:15 mins using CDrwin (3.8a) I knew I needed an 80min cd to write the program. After getting 1 80min CDR, I got ready to burn the Bin file. I always do a test before the actual burn, everything was okay and went ahead with the actual burn, When the burn was completed with no Errors. I placed the CDR into my CD-rom to run the software. And got a surprize, absoultly nothing on the CD (at first I thought I still had it in test mode) But when I looked a little harder the cd-rom reported that 711mb is used a 0 free space left on the cd, the lable on cd is just plan “CD” and you can’t see any files on it through windows explorer.

I figured that my 8100i wasn’t capable of writing 80min CDR’s, so I went onto the next burn. Same as last except for this Burn only needed a 74min CD (595mb) After the burn was complete with no errors. I got the same results as the last CDR (80min)

-Nothing on it

-Lable of “CD”

-Each CD showing the right amount of used Space on the CDR

-0 Free Space

Any ideas???


I wouldn’t have thought that there were still people unaware of the fact that if you attempt to crack or register CDRWin with an illegal code that it will only give you coasters.