Burner problem

ok, so i have a comp. wit one CD/DVD working… it can play DVD’s as well as Record DVD’s (and CD’s too if that matters)

so i want 2 be able to put a DVD in the top slot, and put a blank DVD in the bottom and be able to burn it like that

so i went out and bought a Pioneer DVR-112D

i put it in right under my current one, and when i connect it, my top drive doesn’t work, but when i take of the IDE interface cable my top one works, but my bottom one never does…

anyone knoe whats wrong? or if i bought the wrong thing?


there are jumpers on the backs of the drives

set one to master/MA(end of the cable)
set the other for slave(SL) and hook to the middle of the cable

wait, wuts a jumper?

on da bak there is only the IDE cable thing, and the power cable connected to them


same principle

i did it, and it didn’t do a difference

i dont know what else to do

The Pioneer burner must be connected on to a 80 wire ide cable.