Burner Plextor 708A refuse mode Ultra DMA

Hi to all

My burner Plextor 708A is always on mode Pio and refuse to go to ultra Dma mode. So it can read Cdrom only to 18X.
Is it defected or what ?

Welcome to the forum cpaul,

Please give us some more information about your system. Have you read through the Plextor FAQ? It has a section that deals with DMA problems in Windows XP. Have you tried installing the drive on another channel? Have you checked your cables? Has it worked before or never? Without additional information it’s impossible for us to help you.

use this link on how to set DMA mode in XP.

Make sure the jumper labeled DMA on the drive is NOT installed. The jumper forces PIO mode.

Follow the forum tips for setting UDMA. You may have to delete the IDE controllers in the device manager so the system can re-detect them and set the mode correctly.

Well, i’m back ; Thank’s for all your answer.
Maybe i have a big mistake. i’m under WinXp and i have delete the IDE controllers in the device manager and i have reboot my computer. Now i have an error when i boot my computer with hdc (a problem with installation of hdc) Now i lost the Ide controler secondary.
Hope someone know how to install this ‘hcd’ corectly ?
(The name of error is "The pilot (driver) is not designed for this plateform)


I noticed a few weeks ago an incompatibility between DAEMON TOOLS or ALCOHOL 120 % last versions and IDE installation, If you have one of these 2 softwares at the last version available for the moment, I suggest that you desinstall it (them) and finish IDE drivers installation propolly (remove IDE device than let XP recognize it and install it), you will then be able to reinstall DT or Alcohol if needed .


Great Idea ; i have the last version of Alcohol 120% installed and it’s maybe why it can’t reinstall Ide Device. I will try tomorrow to desinstall Alcohol.
Thank’s for your help :slight_smile: