Burner orange [activity] lite on and rhythmic clicking



History: I’ve been able to burn DVDs for years with same set up until now.

Set Up: I have NEC DVD_RW ND-2500A , DVD±R/RW Recorder, Firmware Version updated

  • I have to use -R or -RW in order to play on tv dvd player
  • I have successfully used Shrink, Nero, Decrypter, IMGburn, Fixit4Me, FixVTS
  • I have previously been successful with Fujiflim, TDK, Maxell

Problem: Burner orange [activity] lite on and rhythmic clicking:

  • All of a sudden, all of the time now:
  • when I insert a blank -R or a -RW disc, to Burn, I get
  • Green lite then changes to Orange and stays on maybe 1 minute or so.
  • Also there’s an faint audible cliking sound about every 2 seconds from the burner, also until lite goes back to Green.
  • Open any Burn program and get ” Device not Ready. Medium not Present.
  • Check Disc Info says “No disc inserted or drive not ready. Please try again.”

I see in prior Postings that others have 3 clicks but burns ok. My clicking stays on longer and can’t burn.

Actions taken:

  • I Uninstalled Burner, Removed USB cable, unplugged

  • Did System Restore to date before problem - [ 1st time, apprehensive about might have lost. As I see things noted [2], can I safely Delete originals?]

  • hooked up again and Re-installed Burner

  • re-installed Firmware update.

  • Still have same problem.

  • I put a Movie in Burner

  • Green to O to G lite

  • I “Explore” burner Drive, got Audio_TS and Video_TS folders, cliked on a VTS to play movie.

  • and then got message “No disc in G.” [burner drive]

  • Re-inserted movie, and again cliked on a VTS to play movie. .

  • Burner lites flashing rapidly both at same time G,O,G,O but movie played ok with WinDVD.

But when I go back to inserting blanks, I get the same problem.

I don’t know what else to post for now.


Your drive is nearly dead.
I would buy a new one.


Thank you.
Any suggestions, but price is a consideration.


My problem appears to be resolved by using Verbatim dvds, as recommended.
Although I now get “Unknown BurnPhase” as have other submittals, the Burn is successful.
Thank you for your interest in resolving my problem.


Sorry you didn’t get the help you wanted. Usually when a drive “starts acting different” it’s going dead. Trouble shooting is difficult to do when you are not there to see what happens. We can only guess and suggest.