Burner or DVDs?

i have a Sony DVD RW DW-U18A and its being giving me problems lately. i recently bought 50 pk spindle RITEK. i burnt my first backup and it worked then i want to put and back up on the second dvd disc, it starts to make scratching or screeching sounds after ive placed in the disc. i tried putting the 3rd, 4th,… and it did the same thing. i also brought the dvd discs (that didnt work on my burner) to my friends house and it work normally. the auto play showed saying what to do but mine didnt even do that just the screeching sounds. is there a problem with the burner? many thanks in advance.

Buy better media.

TIME for a new burner. 1650/1655 or 111 at newegg.com.

but this problem is still happening. i got some TDK DVD discs and they did the same thing. also i bought TEAC DVD discs and they did the same thing. out of the ten dvds from TEAC only 2 works, but out of 10 discs from TDK none of them work. im starting to think that the dvd burner is stuffed, but friends of mine says that sony is the best burner you can get. is the lens defected? or anything that makes the screeching noise. if there is a way to fix the problem or unless there is no way to fix this then what is your opinion? many thanks in advance.

It’s definitely the burner.

And avoid Ritek -R media. They’re probably the most unreliable Write-Once DVD media out there.

I apologise in advance if this offends you but you’re friend is clearly talking out of his arse.

If you ask anyone on here; “which is the best DVD Rewriter/Burner available?” and a lot of the time, you’d get a reply along the lines of “the Benq 1650/1655 is one of the best drives you can buy if not that then the Pioneer 110/111 is also a very reliable drive”.

Your friend simply assumed that Sony DVD Burners are the most reliable out there because they’re Sony and the Sony name and brand is superior to everything else when in fact, this is far from the truth.

Is there such thing like a real Sony DVD writer? As far as I know, they are all rebranded Liteons or Benqs with “special” firmware.


I’m not sure you know.

There may be one or two Sony DVD Rewriters that are genuine Sony but I suspect that most of them are rebranded Liteon or Benq drives (like you said).

I love to make trouble. :slight_smile:

I agree it seems the drive is bad.

I agree Ritek is apt to be poor quality media these days. Verbatims seem to be the best. That’s what I look for. If you know where to buy Taiyo Yuden, they’re good too.

I think buying a Sony brand drive is a good idea for the average person. Maybe it’s a good idea for the CDF experts too. chok0 sez that C0deKing sez that Sony’s tend to be the better “lite-ons”.

Not anymore. Unless you buy a “real retail” drive in a very colorful, pricey box - but then this drive might be a rebadged Benq. The Liteon clones are considered to be OEM drives, so you can forget getting support from Sony. BTDT.

chok0 sez that C0deKing sez that Sony’s tend to be the better “lite-ons”.
There the DW-G/Q120/121 drives (equivalent to Liteon’s 6S series) are meant. I am not sure if Codeking is right, but this is my personal opinion. Nevertheless, these drives are considered as OEM, so Sony does not want to be bothered with problems that occur with these…
In that case I’d recommend getting a real Liteon for the same price or less. Also the retail package is much better with the Liteons.