Burner only burning at 1.3x problem

Hi I have a dell computer that came with a NEC 3100 dvd burner that only would write dvd+r’s at 1.3 to 1.4x. So I decided to replace the drive with a NEC 3550A 16x burner and am having the same problem. I have tried several different brands of media in it. Anyone know what the problem might be? thanks

DMA turned off in the BIOS or something?

This is most likely the problem: UDMA has been disabled.
This is an incredibly common problem.
Please use the “Search” feature of the forums.

I’ve responded to several of these issues, just within the last week.

yup that was it, 3 days after I got my computer the whole thing went dead and they sent out a tech to gut it and it looks like he turned off the pri slave drive in the bios. Thanks for your help, guess I got a extra dvd burner drive now:)

The computer isn’t what should have been gutted. :disagree: