Burner not seen

:bow: Pinnacle studio does not see my pioneer dvr-108 since I updated the firmware. All other burning programs see the burner. HELP! :bow:

Most customer will get a message in Studio, “No disc writer device found!” when the burner is not
detected by Studio. This may mean that either Studio or Windows no longer recognizes the drive. If
you have just installed a Studio 8 patch and this occurs, then most likely the patching process did not
work correctly and step 2 below should fix the problem.

  1. Make sure your burner is listed in Device Manager. To find it in your Device Manager in Windows 2000 and XP, right click on “My Computer” -> Manage -> Device Manager. In Windows 98SE and ME, right click on “My Computer” -> Properties -> Device Manager. If it is not listed, contact the manufacturer of the burner to get the device installed properly.

  2. Uninstall Studio, reinstall Studio from your original CD and then apply the most current patch.

a. UNINSTALL STUDIO 8: Click on Start ->Programs -> Studio 8 - Uninstall Studio 8. Follow any on-screen instruction to complete the process. Delete any shared files if prompted by the uninstaller. If you have a DV board, disconnect the camera and cable from the board.

b. RUN REGDELETE.EXE: This program deletes Pinnacle entries to your registry. We use this in case the uninstaller left any entries behind. If you do not have Regdelete, you can get it from the following link


c. REINSTALL STUDIO 8 FROM YOUR CD: Insert your Studio CD and reinstall the software. Make sure you are logged in as the Administrator (or as a user with Admin privileges) when installing Studio. It is strongly recommended that Studio be installed in its default directory on the main OS drive.

d. DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE LATEST VERSION OF STUDIO 8: In Studio, click on the Help pulldown menu, then Software Updates. If a new version of Studio is detected on our web site, you will be asked to download it. Download the patch to location where you will remember (such as the desktop), then exit Studio. Double-click on the file that you just downloaded. It will now patch the existing version of Studio you have to the latest version.

  1. Check the CD/DVD manufacturer’s web site for a firmware update. You can find the firmware version for your burner in device manager under properties for the burner.

  2. In device manager, check the Hard Drive controller to see if it is a Via or Intel controller. Get an update for the driver from the correct vendors web site.

Intel: http://appsr.intel.com/scripts-df/filter_results.asp?strOSs=19&strTypes=DRV&ProductID=182&OSFullName=Windows*+2000&submit=Go!

VIA: http://www.viaarena.com/?PageID=2

  1. If you have any other disc burning software such as nero, Adaptec or Roxio Easy CD creator, you can try both of the following:
    A. upgrade your burning software to the latest version
    B. uninstall all disc burning software
    Then see if you can then detect the drive with Studio 8.

Studio 9, version 9.3.0 and above, does support dual layer DVD burners. Make sure you have the latest version of Studio 9 installed.

The current patch can also be downloaded manually by clicking here

If the latest version of the Pinnacle Studio software has been installed, and the burner still does not properly initialize, we have released a utility that will make a quick change to your system that might help fix the problem; follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure that Studio 9 is not running. If it is, close it.
  2. Click http://www.pinnaclesys.com/SupportFiles/DualLayerFix.exe to download the DualLayerFix.exe update. Make sure to write down the location of where the file is saved to (we recommend your desktop).
  3. Double-click on the downloaded file.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the patch.

Studio 9 should now detect the dual layer DVD burner properly.

Source: http://pinnacle.custhelp.com

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That was one hell of an answer, and no thank you.
Is it that hard to type "thank you"
Thanks Mike

To Toshibaer, Chef and mike1061, all help is greatly appreciated, my problem is in being a newby I find it hard to refind the thread that I started. tonight I just happened to stumble upon the thread. So that there won’t be any hard feelings I publicly and humbly apoligize and thank you both for being available to help those “me” that need it.

I have reenstalled windows but have yet to install pinnacle, I have used the pioneer burner and now noticed that as it burns or reads a cd or dvd my speakers make a dit,dit, dit, noise. I kinda feel that the burner “is a goner” all these problems started after I updated to the latest firmware 1.20.

Again please accept my apoligies and my thanks for being there.

P.S. it may take me awhile to find this thread again.

Please post the result of TOSHIBAers advice even it would not work 100%. :wink:

Thanks for the post. I will do so as soon as I have a a whole day that I can spend on that project. I should be able to that this week.
Thanks again.

Hello All, after much investigating, I find that the burner has a problem not pinnacle. I thank all that responded to my call for help. :flower: