Burner not recognizing RW discs

I recently bought and installed an I/O Magic 16xDVD DL burner. Using Nero I’ve been trying to burn onto some older Memorex CD-RW 650MB.

In my first few attempts Nero recognized the disc as an RW and allowed me to erase the data but got stuck when it tried recording. Now it doesn’t event recognize the discs as RW. I’ve tried with different discs.

With my old CD burner it worked great.

Is it Nero? The burner? The Discs?



I imagine the I/O Magic drive is really a BenQ 1620.

I also have problems with my BenQ 1620 failing to recognise Memorex CD-RW discs & use them. Sorry but I have no fix for this.


Are there any other dics that you’re having problems with, or it’s only Memorex? I haven’t tried other brands yet.