Burner not recognised until CHKDSK of my HDD *Data* Partition

Here is a puzzle for the geekiest of you CDfreaks…

What on earth does a HDD Data partition have to do with functioning of burner?

Lately my burner (TSST L532M) often just disappears from My Computer in XP.
When I Check Device Manager it does no recognise any optical device.

I have three partitions on my HDD: XP, BIN, DATA
So that windows is in XP
All non-windows apps are indtalled in BIN
and personal files are stored in DATA

Sometimes I have to run CHKDSK /R on BIN partition to get the burner recognised,
and other times I even have to run CHKDSK /R on DATA partition
which is very strange. Why would that be?
Simple reboots do not do the trick without CHKDSK.

I got the burner working like this about 4 times
but perhaps it is just coincidence, and it is the multiple reboots that did it(?)

Maybe the drive “shuts off” after a specified time?!!?
More likely, there is a driver or connection problem.