Burner not burning at correct speed

Hello everyone,

This is my first time posting here and I hope I’m not making any errors while asking these questions. ^^

All this while I was always burning CDs at max speed and always verified them before viewing them at another person’s computer. I have rarely done a bad burn and usually when errors occured it will be detected during verification time.
One day, a friend of mine asked me to burn a movie for him that was in my computer at a lower speed. I have never done this before but i think it will not affect my burner in anyway. The burn was slow as imagined but the next burn when I tried to burn it at max speed, my burner couldn’t do it. From that moment on until today I’m burning at a very slow speed averaging 20 minutes including verification which now always says i have errors during burn time.

My friend realised that my buffer speed wasn’t max as it always had been and although there were errors during verification but the CDs always read fine. What is really bugging me is the speed at which my burner burns which is extremely slow although set at max speed.

My burner : LG GCE 8525B (with 1.05 firmware). Been using this for a year and a half now.
My burning program : Nero Enterprise Edition. I always use Nero Express. (I have uninstalled and installed the program after my burner began working badly)

P.S : what are the general ettiqutte of burning a cd? Is my way of burning at max speed and later verifying a “wrong” method?

Thanks in advance for helping me with my first post :slight_smile:

Most likely your burner is not running UDMA mode anymore. Read this thread on how to check this and how to solve it. If your drive is in the so-called PIO mode it will be very slow and it will not be able to reach high recording speeds.

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Ahh, i’ve been using LG’s writer all my life o.0
GCE-8520B Now Using
52W 24RW 52R

i’ve also got the same problem at first, then i update the firmware. it gives me a little speed boost(aprox. 2-4x).
i use E@syCD5+6, BlindWrite4+5 NEVER Nero and many others(good thing there are share/trialware) ^^
i always get aprox. half of what LG’s says on my current CD Writer. it is CD specific, meaning my old LG writer can get almost to its MAX speed -the CD company went broke. i actually forgot the model no. for the old one before it broke down(to much game time -24hr/3-4days 2 months CommandosII -don’t do this :rolleyes:)its about less than 8 month old.
Then i read some articles it the net(forgot where, i’ll try to find it again), and also some magazines… it all says LG’s CD writers can never get to MAX speed or even close, it always get about half speed. (which is IMO is wrong). 4 of my friend uses LG. one of them uses GCE-8520B, he says same problem. the other 2 has the same problem, these two use Princo CD-R ONLY Nero users. And my last friend has no problem(sorry can’t get it touch with him -off shores)

Remember these are certain point of view of some persons or group. But there is one thing about LG that all of the above agrees is the READABILITY and the quality(when checked -ex. use Nero CDSpeed) they are the best compare to a few others.

IMO i’ll choose LG, but if i got some money to burn, i’ll try another brand. My brother uses Lite-On. NO opinion from him though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, G@M3FR3@K & SomeOne[CCDF] for your insight! But from what I checked both my device (device 0 & 1) are in DMA if available mode. Do I need to uninstall the device for what the guide said?