Burner not buring

I just purchased and installed AnyDVD and CloneDVD. I had a few problems with drives being recognized, after several reboots all seemed fine. But now my Sony DVD Dual Layer, will not recognize blank media. It still plays DVD’s fine. Any ideas?


I would temporarily uninstall AnyDVD and see if it can read blank media without a problem. If it can, I would first double check that your motherboard chipset drivers are installed and the drive is in DMA mode, then installing an earlier version of AnyDVD to see if the problem is there. If it is not, it could just be a simple bug fix that will come out soon to take care of that problem. If the problem is still there, you may want to try some other options, such as going into Device Manager and deleting your IDE Controllers and all IDE Devices then rebooting and allow Windows XP to rediscover the hardware and reset their configs and then try AnyDVD again.

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First uninstall AnyDVD &CloneDVD then restore your system to few days prior to installing AnyDVD then check to see lf your drives are being recognized, if so try to burn some CD or DVD using any burning software if all are OK then reinstall AnyDVD & CloneDVD and check again to make sure everything works fine.

Thank you BeardedKirklander and TCAS for your replies. I will try those fixes tomorrow, late here in Chicago time to go to bed. Fortunately the problem is not on my primary PC, so I don’t have to hurry and get it done. Always better when you take time with these things. Thanks again.