Burner Not Allowing computer to start up

I got a new Optoride CD RW 5201 and I installed it and now my computer locks up at the blue Windows XP splash screen. I then uninstalled it and found it still wouldn’t start up. In safe mode it starts up and says the drivers for the burner are fine, but it still wont start in regular mode. I believe the problem is in the highlighted part of the picture. That drive wont go away even when I delete it, and I dont believe it is a drive I ever had.

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Do you have Alcohol, Daemon Tools, or any other virtual drive software installed? I ask because that looks like a virtual drive.

hmm yes I do, but would that mess up the start up on my computer?

lemme check now, ill restart not in safe mode

Possibly - uninstall it temporarily and see. They usually cause different problems, but there’s a first time for everything :wink:

nope, still wont start up regularly, its weird cuz I even have my old burner back in and it still doesn['t work

I’ve done every configuration, switched em up between master and slave, and it still won['t work

Might try a different IDE cable?

Failing that, might still be a software thing, as it’s affecting two different drives.


true, ill try a different cablr, but all my drives show up in safe mode find, and all the drivers are up to date, lemme retry it

I’d say it’s definitely a software problem then…the difficult part is what software is the culprit!

Try deleting your upper and lower filters - link here. But bear in mind, that if any programs fail to work properly afterwards, you may need to reinstall them :wink:

u think if I got rid of Roxio it’d work? Cuz Roxio opens up automatically when Windows does

I must admit I never heard of Roxio causing that kind of problem.

But if you want to give it a shot…

forgot I cant uninstall in safemode

Can you do me a favour?

Download Nero InfoTool (if you don’t already have it on your system), run it, and click the little floppy icon to save the result as a text file. Then Copy’n’Paste the info here.

It’ll tell use more about what’s installed on your system. :slight_smile:

where would I dl that?

Here :slight_smile:

can I download in safe mode?

Can’t see why not :)…however, I just realsied the out put may not be accurate as most 3rd party drivers aren’t loaded in Safe Mode :doh:, although the program should run.

says current security setting wont allow anything to be downloaded. I can show u my computer specs if u wanna see em though

Did you delete the upper and lower filters as I suggested?