Burner manufacturer's supported media list



Hello all,

Having trouble with Memorex Ultra speed RW discs on my liteon, I’ve just installed Kprobe2, which unfortunately is very badly documented.

As far as I understand, this progam is able to query the firmware for a list of adequate media (menu Info/supported media). It seems that the Memorex I’m using are not listed. I wish I had know that before buying them…

So I have three questions about this list:

1- is this list actually coming from the firmware? (i’m not quite sure)

2- is this list reliable ? (i.e. a disc from this list should work ok on my burner)

3- how do I use this list? (i.e. how do I find the commercial name of the media from the rather esoteric information stored in this list, such as:
“Supported media list 170 - 97:16:06/79:59:74 HS-RW (24 x) - Ritek,PNY,MB india, Gigastorage” ?)

Any help appreciated!



This list should be reliable and yes, it depends on the firmware, which media brands and
their writing speeds are supported, you said you’ve a lite-on burner, so if you’d like to
see what brands and speeds are supported, i’d try the omnipatcher, just load the firmware into it, and you’ll see more about that.


you are way off in the way you are intepreting things. Kprobe does not query anything to see if it is good media. After you have burned a disk, kprobe can scan that disk and tell how well the burn went. The “supported” media list that you are seeing is probably just the list of “supported” media. Supported means, The drive is farmiliar with this media and has instructions on how to burn it. Franklly, any good drive (“supports”), just about every major media out thier, even the really horrible shit as well as quality stuff, as long as it came from a major manufacture.
If you are patient and willing to learn, its pretty simple. Media is critical (very critical). Price means nothing. Brand means nothing Memorex is a big name company, and they use shit media (long explination on memorex, just avoide unless a specific media code leads you to it…
Lets start simple, what is the media code on your disks


rapid fire:
omnipatcher seems to work only for dvd drives: I’ve tried it on the SS0E.exe firmware patch and it said “incorrect firmware length”.

my question adressed indeed the “supported media list”. After installing kprobe I made a few cheks to compare this list with the media I had used so far and the quality I obtained out of that media.
It turned out that all the CDR I’ve used are listed and that they are all fine (as far as the C1/C2 errors are concerned).
On the other hand the only CDRW I’ve used (from memorex, see details below) were both NOT listed and of catastrophic quality (not useable at all).

So, from my experience, it seems that this list can be trusted. But I wanted confirmation from other users.

Besides, should this list be reliable, it does not provide commercial name of the media but only esoteric info such as “Supported media list 170 - 97:16:06/79:59:74 HS-RW (24 x) - Ritek,PNY,MB india, Gigastorage”.
What I need is the commercial name to get the right media from the store. So how do I convert that info into a commercial name?

kprobe information about the bad Memorex CD:
Manufacturer Infodisc Technology Co., Ltd.
Material Cyanine
Media ID 97:25:31
Length 79:59:74
Capacity 702,80 MB
Free Size 0,00 MB
Free Blocks 0
Total Tracks 1
Format Capacity 576,70 MB
Formatted No
MRW Formatted No
Maximum Read Speed 40x
Maximum Write Speed 24x
Current Write Speed 24x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 1 24x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 2 16x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 3 12x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 4 10x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 5 8x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 6 4x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 7 2x CLV


The only 24x CD-RW I’ve ever had good luck with was the one that came with my old Yamaha CRW-F1… Tried some Memorex and they were horrible, I agree. I’m not sure what’s around these days but if you can find some from Verbatim, those are probably winners.


In therory, the supported medias should work well. These are the medias that liteon has researched and has wriiten the firmware to be able to write well. Of course in reality, thier might be a media or two on the list that won’t burn the best because either the drive supports it but not well, or it supports it but the media is not good quality. Most of the supported medias shoud work fine though. As you already discovered, if its not in the firmware (supported) media list, the drive doesn’t even know how to burn it and has to just use a generic default, which generally doesn’t work the best.


I’ll stick to this list then. But how do I derive a commercial name from a media ID?


I know where to go to find out for dvd’s but unfortunatlly not for cd’s. I mostly burn dvd’s. All I can say is stick with good quality brand name media. Verbatium is good. I have also heard that mosier baer cd-r are suposed to be pretty good (and they are easy to tell because they are th only ones made in India). I think office depot cd-r are often mosier baer.
Perhaps someone a little more farmiliar with cd’s can give you some more information.


I don’t know who makes the khypermedia cd’s that I got from officemax last year on black friday for free after rebate, but I’ve burned hundreds of them with no problems at all.