Burner layout

I’m trying to decide what burners/roms to pair together and cannot really decide (same dilema with hard drives). I have the following optical drives to put in two computers.
Nec 3500 (mad dog running maddog firmware). Great burner, so so reader, cannot scan.

liteon 851s@832s my primary scanning drive. burns great with select media

microadvantage/aopen 1608/1616 (currentlly running 1616 firmware I think), terrible dvd burner, great cd burner, very strong dvd reader (it reads resonably fast and can read damaged/scratched/porlly burned/pressed disks that none of the other can read).

Plextor px 740a (just got this one), currently running plex firmware but will eventually flash it to a 1640

liteon 16p9s dvd rom (fasted reader)

maddog dvd rom (kind of old, kind of a piece of crap, kind of dying but still works).

One motherboard has the regular 2 pata ports (4 drives) and two sata (with pata adapters)

The other motherboard only has two pata ports (4 drives).

I also have a 2 channel raid card and a 4 channel raid card.

Hard drives
2 hitachi 160 gig
2 seagate 160 gig
4 maxtor 60 gig
1 120 gig maxtor
1 200 gig maxtor
1 80 gig maxtor
possibly another hard drive that I cannot find right now and do not remember the size

I’m thinking on the faster computer (the MB with the 2 sata), the two hitachi’s raid 0 on the sata ports (boot), the 4 60 gig raid 0 on the 4 channel raid card.

On the slower computer, the 2 seagates raid 0 on the 2 channel raid card (boot).
That leaves 3 hard drives and 6 opticals (only 8 drive spots left, half to leave out the crappy mad dog dvd rom or a hard drive).

Which opticals to put in which computer is where I realy cannot decide. I was kind of thinking the liteon rom, the liteon burner, and the nec burner in the faster one and one more hard drive, and the benq and aopen plus 2 hard drives iin the slower computer. That means that the slower computer wouldn’t have scanning capability till later when I flash the plex to a benq. I just remembered, the aopen can scan but no pif and dog slow.

Any thoughts or opinions?

Ripit! I used my 1616 and 3500 together with great results!
Now I have my 1640 and 109 on one box and 4550 and 110 on the other box!

851S/832S was a pretty good drive in the old days when RICOHJPN R01 was all over the place, but it’s an antique today. Once you flash 740A into a DW1640 (and don’t forget to increase DVD9 reading speed with MCSE), that should become your primary drive. It will be a faster reader than the Lite-On ROM, a good scanner, and a better burner [in my opinion] than anything else you have. Keep it in your primary computer.

I use five internal slots and one external enclosure to rotate between 15 or so drives, and I find that anything other than BenQ and LG doesn’t stay hooked up very long. BenQ drives are very versatile and fun to experiment with given the range of options they provide (with QSuite and MCSE) and LG drives (4163/5/7) are speed monsters… when you absolutely have to burn 4.7 GB in under 5:20, that’s what you use!

I still have a few hundred ricohjpnr01 on the shelf and that is primarilly what I burn on the liteon (I have some ricohjpnr00 too). I’ll probably keep using the liteon burner till the ricoh is gone at least. the liteon burns it outstandinglly well, even beter than the benq (with plextor firmware anyway). I might keep the liteon in the slower computer so that it has scanning capabilities even after the ricoh runs out.
As far as the plextor/benq, so far I’m very impressed with it, even with plextor firmware. If it keep performing as well as it has so far, it defanatlly will become the primary burner on the faster computer. That leave the nec3500. I’ll probably keep using it for medias that the other two don’t like (it burns anything decent) as I have quite a bit of assorted media on the shelf but I’m not sure which computer it will go in.

That just leaves the decision of which reader to pair with which burner. The liteon is speed hacked so it will read pressed dvd-9 at 16x and the aopen (its a burner but I only use it as a reader) will read hard to read disks. I’m thinking that I might pair the liteon with the benq for the speed, and the aopen with the liteon for hard to read disks). It kind of limits my media options with hard to read disks unless the nec also goes with the aopen and liteon burner though.

Just got my RMA from PLEX for the 716 so I am back to 716+4550///A10+1640!
hate leaving the A09 on the floor! Time for another box! LOL