Burner LASER lense lifetime

I remember the good old days when CD burners would start to die after a certain number of burns because the crystal gradually gets worn out by the optical intensity. With all the ultra high speed drives now it seems this problem would get worse but I haven’t heard this issue come up at all recently, so I was just wondering what’s going on with this. Are they using a different type of crystal now, or have they avoided the problem all together with the lense warm-up/warm-down process? what’s the story here?

hm… does nobody really know about this? I searched all over the 'net but couldn’t find any related info. is this knowledge classified by the FBI or something, maybe I can build a nuke out of my 48x.

I’ve never heard of anything like this recently… Maybe it is no longer an issue.

I think most people replace their drive before the parts are worn out :wink: