Burner issues or just fake (crap) media?

I just received my new liteon 1693s burner. I also ordered some blank osi brand dvd+r’s 50 pack for 15$. They are identified as being Taiyo Yudens 8x DVD+R’s, I tried burning a DVD video cd and also copied a game onto that media. Nero successfully completes the burns and there are no error messages but when I go to play the cd’s windows pops up with an errror message saying Disk is not formatted - cannot read disk, either corrupted or using incompatible format. The thing is the disks can not be read on my dvd burner (and its the one that burned them!) but they are playable in our other pc (philips/dell burner) and the cheapo no-name DVD player we have. I updated the firmware to the latest from ks09 to ks0b, and I also reduced the burning speed to 6x from 8x… and it still fails to read on my pc. Next I tried a Sony brand 8x DVD-R disk, I successfully burned onto it, and this time my PC will play the cd. Also my PC’s burner has no problems playing anything that was burned on my brothers dell/philips burner, or retail movies. So… is the OSI disks fake Taiyo Yudens and just garbage dvds? I find it funny that they do play on his pc and our dvd player just not on mine. Also… How good does this scan look to you from the sony dvd? ps. supposedly my burner handles DVD+R’s better then the DVD-R’s… Any suggestions? and I don’t have any more dvd+r media besides the OSI ones to test on the burner.

mmmm… can’t figure out how to do attachments. heres what its says through kprobe on the sony media anyways…

Errors: 0
PI Max: 32, average: 10.58, Total 171855
PIF Max: 2, average:0.09, Total 1480

The k-probe numbers look ok so I’d suggest it is a burner program or format problem. How about you try burning a straight iso data dvd in nero and see if that is readable on your computer.

Same deal… whether its burning a movie, iso, or just data… readable with the other pc’s burner, just not mine, but the sony burned on my pc is readable on everything! Maybe its just that my burner doesn’t like the OSI disks, I bought some Fujifilm DVD-R’s from bestbuy I will try them next… If they work fine in everything then it must be the OSI dvd’s thats the problem, either that or my burner doen’t like +R media, which I think is impossible seeing its a +/- burner

Yay! figured out how to post pics

That scan looks way too good to be fake media. To be sure, what codes/serial numbers appear around the hub area of the discs?

That’s not the best scan I’ve ever seen but it’s certainly not the worst either. I can see absolutly no reason why a disc with that scan would be unreadable on any functional burner. Truthfully I’ve seen scans with error levels at least 20 time higher than that one but which are still readable.

Yeah if it’s fake then it’s a good fake. But whatever the case, a disc with that scan should be readable in any functional burner.

no-no thats not the OSI disks that are causing my burner problems, its a sony DVD scan thats the only other media I had to spare to test… all the 0si ones can’t be read on my pc after burning, but the sony cd after burning was perfect!

As reptile said, look for the serial numbers around the hub area of the OSI discs. This is about the surest way to tell if they are real TYs or not. If they are real TYs, you should find a serial number of the form TGxxxxxx. You should also see a four digit number across the hub from that. Look on the recording side of the disc for these and you should be able to see them with light reflecting off the recording surface of the disc.

If the serial numbers are not of that form or don’t exist, they are most probably fake.

The only thing I can see is IFPI CY33 thats on the data side of the DVD and it’s the only identifying thing I can see at all.

Yes its fake media. Most likely made by infosmart. I have some fake mcc02rg20 media and it has no serial, only the IFPI numbers.

Wow, how did everyone miss that not only this is fake TY media, but the disc thinks it’s a DVD+RW? Crazy, I’ve never seen that!

And your KProbe scan is of SONY08D1 media, why?

You probably want to scan @ 4x in kprobe to get more accurate result with the Sony disc…And yes, the other sound suspicious w.o. the significant serial from TY

I have no idea why it shows up as DVD+RW, the only thing I did besides update the firmware is change the book type so DVD+R’s when burned show up as DVD-ROM for higher compatibility with DVD players. It was a vain attempt to hopefully let the burner deal better with the OSI disks…

As for the second question, I showed a kprobe scan of sony media, because it was the sony dvd I burned with the drive, the only other media type I have laying around is the damn osi crap. None of the osi’s can be read by my pc after burning them with my liteon drive, but I did burn that sony dvd on the liteon drive and it plays back perfectly, thats why I included its results.

Thats also the reason I think its not the liteon burner but the cheap osi disks that are at fault

Yeah scanning at 4x improved things with the sony media

I love the Sony08D1 media… buy it every time it’s on sale. Very few problems, quite reliable.


Did the fakes you had with the same IFPI numbers read or write at all with your drive?

These are obviously NOT Taiyo Yudens. A 50 pack for $15 is below dealer cost.

That Nero CD DVD Speed reported these discs as DVD+RW is another clue that all is not well. Posted below is what you should see, at least as it’s presented in my Plextor 716A. Of course, all this can be faked by an unscrupulous manufacturer. Your best bet is to purchase media from solid vendors such as Rima (don’t know who in Canada is best). To better determine the reputation of an e-tailor, read customer comments at http://resellerratings.com.

Try using Nero CD DVD Speed to do a Read Transer Rate test. A smooth positive sloping curve is a good indicator of the disc’s playability. Post yours for the bad disc.

He already said that the Liteon is unable to read the disc, so I don’t think he’ll be able to post a scan/transfer rate…!


Well, that pretty much answers your question about what the cause of your problems is. What are you going to do with the rest of those discs? Can you return them to where you bought them from?