Burner Issues... Help Please!

I just replaced my Pioneer DVR-107D thinking that my burner went bad when it started getting stuck on Checking disk… (before the actuall burning begins) … so I installed a NEC ND-3540A and the same thing is going on with this one… At this point it both WRITERS no longer read any media what so ever and are stuck on CHECKING DISK… . I have been using DVD Decrypter and Shrink it for about 2 months with NO problems at all… all of a sudden it started this checking disk thing… I do have my settings on NERO and have downloaded the latest and greatest… so I am LOST!!! Please help!!

Check this forum


It may be the reason a bad powersupply or an overloaded PSU can cause various thing and some weird problems.

Best advice try the drive in another computer or in your own computer with a few other hard drives or dvd writers connected.

What make and brand and wattage is your psu.

My Power Suppy is ULTRA 600 Watt ATX