Burner is Unable to Recognise DVD after Burning



Hi, I currently use a Toshiba SD-R6112 DVD rewriter and have had no problems until the last couple of weeks. It seems that whenever I burn a DVD (be it multi-sessioned or not), my computer is unable to recognise it once I put it back into the drive.

I use Nero and have verified these DVDs successfully after burning them so I believe the burn was correct. My friend is able to read the data on his laptop without problems so I am at a loss, as I have never had problems reading discs I have burned.

I tried re-installing Nero but this doesn’t solve the problem. Windows Device Manager says that this device is working properly and I can’t seem to find any official drive updates so I think they are up to date.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


what brand and type of media are you using.


Thanks for replying.

I am using EMTEC DVD-R (4.7GB)

I managed to burn a fair few of these (multi-sessioned and otherwise) without a problem.