Burner is Source & Destination

New to CloneDVD2 (21 day trial period). I have used 1ClickDVD & AnyDVD for about 6 months successfully. I’m trying CloneDVD2 for the trial period and have reached the point where the “screen” says “Go”. My question is if I press “go”, does the program copy the movie thats in my drive (source & destination) to the temp folder C:/CloneDVDTemp and then eject the original and ask for a writable DVD? :confused: In other words, when do I remove the original DVD and insert the blank one to be recorded? :confused: Nothing is mentioned in the instructions or tutorial about this unless I missed it. :doh:


Hi :slight_smile:
The answer is yes click go CloneDVD2 will copy to temp folder when complete will eject disc & ask for blank media to be inserted As soon as blank disc recognised writing begins automatically When complete data in temp folder removed Then your asked to eject disc Viola

Thanks zebadee. :bow: When the burning process finished and I removed the copy and closed the drive door, the program had another “start” button appear on the lower right of my screen. Is that for if I want to burn another copy of the same original?? If not, can you burn multiple copies of the compressed movie in the CloneDVDtemp folder without repeating the compress/copy proceedure? :confused: Also to close out of the program and erase the temporary file, I guess you just hit the red X at the upper right corner.