Burner is only able to burn audio cds and not movies?



I was trying to burn videos the other day on my labtop but later realized my burner was only able to burn audio cds. Is there a way I can download a driver or do I have to buy a burner that burns dvds aswell? If so, are there burners that exist that burns both audio and video cds and what is the price range? :o :o


well, as it sounds you don’t have a DVD burner, but a CD burner.
a CD burner is only capable of burning data- and audio-cd’s - this is by hardware design, so you cannot change this by a driver… :wink:
if you want a new (dvd-)burner, which is, of course, also capable of burning CD’s (so you only need this one device for burning DVD and CD) there are several good ones out there, but i don’t know about the laptop-versions of these drives…


thank you soooo much for the lol, i guess im gonna go look for a burner that burns both dvds and audio cds!