Burner is inoperable

Using Windows Vista OS I encountered a virus and set about removing it. After the anti-virus program ran and detected nothing. I then reinstalled my OS using my recovery discs that were made months before the incident. I then tried to burn an audio disc to no avail. I used Windows Media Player to burn the disc. It went through all of its steps and then ejected the disc. I reinserted the disc to check it and the autoplay kicked in, asking if I wanted to burn the blank disc in the drive. I then switched to Nero 7 to see if it could burn the disc. First went into tools so I could use the Disc Info to verify the condition of the disc. It too stated that the disc was blank, so I started Nero 7 to burn the disc. To no avail. I I have used Device Manager to locate the drive , then uninstall it. Then I restarted the system. After that I went checked the devices properties, it also read that the drive was operating normally. I retried to burn the disc with both programs with no sucess.
I want to know if anyone else has had this problem and if so how were you able to overcome it.


Very confused puter user