Burner Hide Software

I was just wondering if someone could recommend a particular program for me that would be good at hiding the fact that my cd drive is a burner.
My current setup is:

Pentium 4 2.8ghz w/ hyper threading
Corsair 3400 twin matched ram (total 2048meg)
Seagate 120gb hdd w/ 8meg cache
MSI 648F Neo
Creative Audigy 2 cound card
Nvidia GeForce FX5750 Ultra graphics card (256meg)
Lite On LTR 52327S Cd Burner

Oops, sorry :slight_smile:

Daemon Tools can hide your burner.
Selecting ‘Safedisc Emulation’ is one way to turn it on.
If you download ‘Daemonscript’ you can turn it on by itself.

Both can be grabbed from here.


I would have thought your drive doesnt need to use emulation.
I dont think any protection actually looks for a cd/dvd burner, that would knock a lot of normal users installing from original copy.

Do you refer to a means by which to hide ATIP?

ATIP hiding is hiding the Actual Time In Pre-Groove in all CD-Rs and CD-RWs. This can be done by enabling Alcohol 120%'s “Ignore Media Type” and CloneCD’s “Hide CDR Media”. I unsure if SafeDisc Emulation in Daemon Tools will hide the ATIP. An ATIP check is actually a copy protection in itself.

Yes it will. :slight_smile:

I had assumed Skena was refering to hide atip when asking about burner hiding.
Also remember that DaemonScript will let you enable it without having to enable Safedisc emulation.