Burner for my laptop, no more coasters wanted



I have a toshiba satellite pro 6100, I’m trying to get a better informed opinion than mine, I have had three other slim drives on this computer, dvd/cdrw combo m/s, a dvdr/cdrw m/s, and a dvdrw dl csel (changed m/s temp mod then flashed). I’m looking for a new drive, all of the other ones still work. one is mine another is my father’s and the last one is a trial and error, which worked, for a friend of mine. I want one of my own to replace the crappy dvd/cdr but I’m sick of the coasters after verifying the data. I’m looking into the nec 6750a and a pioneer k16, other options might be considered, but those are my main choices. I know the both fit, and i’m pretty sure that the nec wil drop in and work, but coasters and "doa"s have scared me from nec and dvd ram is an added benefit of the pioneer. I would appreciate some suggestions. BTW I’m not looking for a vs thread to start, just that my situation calls for previous experiences which people have had in forums, so that I can better judge my decision. Thanks for your time. O also BTW my drive works in the second IDE channel as master, and like I mentioned, from a previous trial, csel will give me boot error but if it can be modded I’ll be fine.


I can’t really recommend any laptop burners for you, but are you using quality media for your burns?

Even the best burners will turn out coasters if you feed them crappy media!


point taken, though not my case, I usually use memorex or better media for dvdr, I havent bought any DL media until I research it a little better. I understand the issues with crappy or degraded media (sun exposure, moisture, etc.). just looking for the best recomended burner or the best bang for your buck burner, hopefully they will be one and the same, if not I’ll probably go for the best recomended.