Burner Failure?

I bought a LiteOn 20A1P a month ago and now its not working. I’m not real sure if the drive is bad or not but for some reason it just quit reading any media I put in. I have burned around 100 gigs worth of media with it and it just quit for no reason? I have upgraded the firmware from KL0G to KL0N version to see if maybe it was that but still same problem. It doesn’t ready any media I put in rather its store bought blank media or a regular dvd. I have sucessfully burn lots of media even dual layer dvd’s with it just all of a sudden it quit on me.

Any way to check and make sure its shot I mean for a month old that rather sucks :sad:Windows Device Manager shows no errors on the drive itself and Nero Infotool shows the media it can read write and its speeds