Burner dont work :(

Hello, I am new to this site. I am having burner issues and praying someone can help me resolve the issue. I am a NOOB to the computer world as some may call it. I am using a LG super multi drive.One day it burns fine , actually the first 3 burns went great (flawless)… Then the video started going very choppy for every burn. Then it stopped working all together WILL NOT BURN AT ALL. Even when I play store bought video , the video is choppy . Please help me if possible:)

It is possible that DMA has been turned off for the drive if it is a regular IDE interface drive. That probably sounded like Greek, but it is a pertinent answer I assure you.

Tell us the exact model LG that you have. We will then be able to tell if it is an IDE interface or SATA. You can find this information by going to My Computer, right click on the drive icon and choose Properties. Then click on the Hardware tab. The name of the drive should show up there.

If DMA is off, the drive will not burn properly and may have issues on playback also. Look in my signature for a link that refers to Womble’s guide for checking DMA. Click on the link and follow the instructions in that guide. The most important part to look for is Current Transfer Status. It should be Ultra DMA 2 or 4…NOT PIO mode.

The model is HL-DT-STDVD-RAM GHN22NS301.02

I hope that helped in the matter above :slight_smile:

I’m hoping that you have a typo in there and this is actually a model GH22N. That would make it an IDE interface drive made by LG. If you look inside the computer and see a wide, grey cable attached to the back of the optical drive, then you can be sure it is an IDE model. SATA cables are usually red and thin.

Did you try the guide for checking DMA?

I tried the guide with no luck :frowning: went through the guide as instructed and the DMA is turned on. Yes the cable connecting is red and thin…

Ok, that means you have a SATA drive of unknown type (other than being an LG). That makes things much harder to fix from long distance.

It could simply be dying a slow death and needs to be replaced. It might just need to have the lens cleaned but if it is still under warranty, I’d just send it back instead of taking it out, disassembling it and cleaning the lens with a Qtip and some alcohol.

Does it exhibit the same behavior regardless of which software you use for playing commercially made dvds? Try VLC media player for a dvd and report back. It is free to use: www.videolan.org

Ok I had it replaced cause it would not open and close at all. So the burner in here now is a brand new never burned a disc burner. It will read but when it reads video it is choppy or shaky. plays fine in other players like television and whatnot. will not burn at all :frowning: I;m stumped I built this computer from scratch it was my first. had no problems until I tired to burn. I burned 3 dvd’s fine and then it went to crap on me.

Ok video not shaky no more but why is it not burning ?

Try burning a dvd with ImgBurn. It is a very well respected burning program that is free to use: www.imgburn.com Set the burning speed to 8x.

If you have a problem, copy and paste the log file from the failed burn here in your thread. You can find the log file by going to Help within ImgBurn, then ImgBurn Logs.

Ok, seems to be working fine now thanks so much for your help and I will recommend this site to others for tech issues as well :slight_smile: have a great day !!!

Ok now the burner looses power anyone know why that would be ? vWould a virus cause that ? maybe restore my system im lost again uggg :frowning: It burned like 3 dvds again and stopped on me :frowning:

There are some viruses that can affect burning.

Post your ImgBurn log on a failed attempt and let us look at it.

Now the drive will not even show up in my list. shows drive C, floppy and thats it. Cant even open the tray.

If it doesn’t show up in the bios either, then it may have died and will need to be replaced. If you have a computer from a major manufacturer, look in the manual to see how to access the bios when you start up the computer. On many home made machines, you hit Del to do this, but the OEM’s often times use one of the F keys.