Burner don´t want to burn 16X

I have a new DVD burner, the PHILIPS DVDR1648P1
A nice and fast burner I though, but the burner doesn’t want to burn DVD faster then 8x, it should be possible to burn upto 16x with DVD+R,
I use PHILIPS DVD+R disks 1-16x certified speed and my HD is fast enough for 32x (nero test)
Does somebody know a solution or a reason why I can’t burn dvd’s at 16x?
(The 48x in CD-mode is no problem)

PC spec.:
O.S.: Microsoft Windows XP Professional+Service Pack 2
CPU Type: AMD Athlon XP, 2400+
Motherboard: MSI KT4AV ,512 MB (PC3200 DDR SDRAM)

Presumably you don’t get the option to select 16x as the burn speed.

This probably means that the burners firmware only recognises the media as being safe to burn at 8x. A firmware upgrade might help.

I use the newest filmware version p2.2.


I mean, I already did an firmware upgrade, but this didn’t make any different

Just because a media says it is rated at 16x, does not mean that it will burn on all burners at 16x. It depends on who actually made the media, (philips dvd’s are not necessarily made by philips. They can be cmc, mcc, ritek, and more. Some burners like cmc media and some don’t. Some like ritek and some don’t. MCC media is higher quality and generall burns well on all burners, but won’t always burn at 16x speed. Then it also depends on the firmware that is installed on the burner. Some manufacturers lower max burning speeds for certain medias, on purpose, as to ensure good burn quality. Upgrading firmware, or using hacked firmware, can make these media burn at a faster speed. There are even firmwares that allow an 8x drive to burn at 12x speeds on some medias. So it can depend on many factors. If you want to burn at high speeds, then I recommend that you update your firmware, and stick with high quality media, such as Verbatim MCC, or Taiyo Yuden. Others may or may not provide acceptable quality when burned at 16x. Some won’t even be acceptable at 8x.

How can I know what kind of media a have now and how can I see if it is a high quality media when I bye them? I made a scan of the dvd case back, I find nothing then it is a Philips product. http://members.lycos.nl/craftyhunt/back.jpg

Like I mentions, I already upgraded the firmware to the latest official release by Philips.
Were can I find other firmware upgrades?

it’s a benq 1640 so? patience, new firmware will be along in time

Nero’s CD-DVD Speed , using the disc info tab, will tell you the details about the media. You’ll get the media ID (MID) - very important - and the supported burn speeds.

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc Type: : DVD+R
Book Type : DVD-ROM
Manufacturer: : unknown
MID : INFOME R30 (003)
Write speeds: : 2.4 X - 4 X - 8 X

“INFOME R30 (003)” is chinees for me, what will this say?

but it seems I have to wait/look for better disk and or new firmware, thanks all for your answers.

that may turn out to be very good media?

nec’s support it? not sure about the revision 3(003)?

INFOME R30-000 16x,12x,8x,6x,4x

Both my LG4163B & Benq 1620 would claim to support burn speeds of 4x,8x,12x & 16x.

You can but hope that there will be a firmware update.

If it helps the latest Benq 1640 firmware shows support up to 16x for the rev 000. Maybe you should look at cross flashing to Benq.

kind of makes you wonder what in the heck Philips is trying to do?

can cross flashing harm the recorder? or are there any other risks within?
I hope I can reinstall the Philips Firmware if it does’t give any progress or it fails.

I presume a Benq firmware does not support Solidburn?

Best to go to the Benq/Philips forum for advice on cross flashing. Probably some threads there already.

I know a lot more now, but I still don’t get it why it doesn’t want to burn faster than 8x.
a second thing is that Nero doesn’t display Solidburn, I didn’t noticed it before.
I begin to think it is an error in the hardware itself, because I am the only one with this F**KD UP refusing recorder.
Thanks all for your help, but I’m afraid there is no solution. :frowning:

(The last option can be cross flashing, but I don’t want to lose warranty)