Burner doesn't read disks

I tried to burn some disks DVD and CD with my TSST ts-4653n burner using Nero 7 Ultra but I get a message asking me to please insert an empty disk and at the bottom saying that "disk type in recorder: (empty) then ejects disk. I tried diffrent empty disks but same result. i also used Ashampoo burning studio same result. I am also unable to play commercial DVDs. The burner worked fine yesterday I have a feeling that this burner is toast, am I right or do you folks have any suggetsions?
I am running XP sp. 2
BTW what company is TSST corp?

@ godfather_77,

Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Corporation (abbreviated TSST) is an international joint venture company of Toshiba (Japan) and Samsung Group (Korea). Toshiba owns 51% of its stock, while Samsung owns the remaining 49%. The company specializes in optical disc drive manufacturing. The company was established in 2004.