Burner Displaying Weird Message (Sony DRU-510A)



All of a sudden I am having a problem with my Sony DRU-510A burner. I am using DVDFab Gold and Platnum and they both seem to work ok. However my burner started displaying “Media Inserted in drive E: is a single layer. "
Please insert a double layer media to start the write process.”

For a couple of years now, I have been using DVD-R blank DVDs and never had this problem. Anybody else have this problem? What is a double layer media and why all of a sudden is my system asking for it?

Thanks, Phil


Do you have a drop down box to select DVD-5 or DVD-9 if so check the DVD-5 for SL


Where would I find this drop down box?

Thanks, Phil


On the main screen when you go to start burning, in the bottom left hand side I think as I don’t have Gold


please read the guide


There was a bug in one of the V5 releases that caused this also. Please update to the latest and give it another try.