Burner Configuration

I recently bought and installed a BenQ DW1620 Pro and connected it to my IDE 2 cable and set the jumper to master. Anyway, I was just wondering whether, for some reason, this burner prefers to be set to master over slave or some other configuration. The reason I ask is that I was reading through the forum and saw some people claiming that some particular burners prefer a particular configuration over another. Thanks for any help:).

As long as their is nothing wrong with your computer or some other quirky device insists on being a certain pri/sec master/slave then the 1620 should work fine no matter what configuration its in.

As far as I know it doesnt matter which one you use Slave/master…

I have 2 BenQ 1620s, on the same cable, master and slave, and I get 8x burns no problem on both. I actually think I use my slave drive even more than the Master.