Burner Buying - Which one and which repackage?

None of the stores areound my area sell actual LITE-ON branded drives, but I’ve seen Buslink, TDK, and Sony.

Reading this forum I can see that these “manufactuars” usually just rebag the LITE-ONs under their name.

Sine I want to make a CD-RW purchase, which LITE-ON equivilent should I buy, and which can defeat all copy protections?

My top 3 choices are:
LTR-52246S 52x/24x/52x
LTR-48246S 48x/24x/48x
LTR-48126S 48x/12x/48x

Is there any difference if I buy a lower model and change it’s firmware to LTR-52246S?

Rebag info from FAQ - can you verify and detail [what models are equivilent] this:

Memorex, all drives from Twelve1040 MAXX and up is Lite-On
TDK, the only model I know of is the 40X that is sometimes Lite-On.
IOmega, Sells drives from various manufacturers, some of their 32X and 40X drives have been manufactured by Lite-On.
Pacific digital, sometimes you get Lite-On drives.
Traxdata, the newer 32X, 40X and 48X traxdata drives is Lite-On.
Sony, some sonys is Lite-On. All from 32X and up is Lite-On.
Verbatim, all verbatims is manufactured by Lite-On.
Cendyne is sometimes Lite-On.

My primary choice is one that can copy all, including Safedisk 2.8x and “Super” Securom New.

Any CD-RW that can do that, reguardless of speed, I will buy :wink:

Please give suggestions and rebag info for the above drives. Thanks!

Well, I just bought a Sony 48x24x48 (aka LTR-48246S) and upgraded it successfully with MTKFLASH to a 52246S firmware 6S08.

Any Sony is guaranteed to be a Lite-On pretty much. The 48X (and if they have a 52X ones) are 6 series drives.

The easiest way I have found to tell if it is a Lite-On or not is to look at the speeds. If the CD-RW speed is 10X or 16X it is not a Lite-On, as no LO’s seem to have that speed when matched with 48 or 52X burning.

Also, if you buy a Cendyne, they often have the model of the burner inside on the back packaging. Anything with a 6 as the last NUMBER can be easily upgraded to a 52X. I did it with a 48126S Cendyne in addition to the Sony.

The Cendyne drives tend to come with a Lite-On branded firmware, making it easier to update them.

With my 48126S I made a working copy of NFS:HP2 (Safedisc 2.8 I believe). From what I understand the others should work just as well.

Good luck,


EDIT: Grammar in the Sony paragraph

compusa has the 48246s Buslink for $60 and a mail in rebate of $30. so $30 for a drive that is easily upgraded to 52x.
if it says smart burn on the box its definatly a liteon,

Any of the drives you quote will sucessfully burn all SafeDisk versions.

The SecuROM V4 burning is more of a software thing, but again your choices should write them. Backups are more inconsistant and the DVD or CD drive used to play the backup from matters in this instance too.

Thanks for the info!

Are the Lite-Ons I mentioned also good with overburning?

everyone that has purchased them so far at best-buy and compusa have reported them as being a 48246s.

Beware though- YMMV. Not all Best Buys and CompUSAs have the Buslink SmartBurn units. In fact, the BBs and CUSAs I’ve visited here all have Justlink units now.

I just got a BusLink 52x24x52 model LTR52246S at Micro Center for $39 after rebates.:bigsmile:

I picked up a Cendyne 48x12x48 CD/RW from OfficeMax in Milwaukee, WI, with a model # LTR 48125W on the box, which is a Lite-On drive for $19.95 after rebates! I’m pretty sure the sale goes through 12/28/02. My system boots up and recognizes as a Lite-On 48x12x48. Great CD/RW drive for the penny’s it cost.:slight_smile: