Burner burning extra slow and eating up computers CPU

Hello, I have a slight problem with my LIGHT-ON SHOW 812S dvd burner. I’ve had it for over a year now and it’s given me no problems whatsoever, fairly coaster free.

But in the last week or so I’ve noticed my burns becoming extremely slower, take almost twice as long as they once did. I’m using the same media as always, the same burning program.

I also notice that when I verify my DVD’s afterwords it seems to slow the whole computer down, it actually is taking about 51 % of my cpu usage.

Has anyone had similar effects, or know why this may be happening? The slow burns and the dvd drive sucking up all the CPU has been happening for about two weeks now.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks allot.

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It’s usually caused by the drive’s DMA being disabled. Check out this thread:

It’s usually fixed by deleting the IDE channel driver, that the drive is connected to, using device manager and then rebooting. :wink:

Thanks allot for the quick response. I tried changing my primary ide channel from PIO mode to DMA. Once I restarted my computer instead of saying Not applicable under “Current Transfer mode” it still says PIO mode.

One concern I have is that my problem started about two weeks ago, I never changed settings on my computer so can it even have anything to do with my primary channels transfer mode? Is their another possibility for this slow down and CPU crunch?

I’m seriously stuck, is my dvd burner slowly dying? I’ve been watching many outside region dvd’s, can that affect anything?

Any other suggestions would be great.

Thanks allot.

try deleting the secondary ide channel then rebooting

Have you got it to work.

If not, you may have to take the drastic measure of editing yout registry.

Try the following URL


Also check that DMA is working for your hard drives.

Hey guys, thanks for all the help.

My problem is solved, I fixed it by doing a system restore to about a month ago, and everything is back to normal, my cpu is barely touched when I burn or verify dvd’s.

I also checked my IDE Channel transfer mode and instead of PO mode its in “Ultra DMA mode 2” which I guess is how it’s suppose to be.

So what do you suppose could have caused my computer to go into PO transfer mode.

Could it have been a bad dvd disc? Add/Spy ware?