Burner buffer problem DMA on

Ok, so when burning my dvd-rs, today the buffer level started going crazy which has happened in the past. So, I checked the DMA on primary and secondary channels and both are DMA on. I did try uninstalling them anyway, but the burner problem still exists. What do I need to do to try to fix this thing now? Before the DMA always fixed the problem and I don’t know what to do from this point.

Anybody got any ideas?

check that no settings/options have changed in the burning program you are using. also, have you changed the brand of dvd ?

I haven’t messed with any of the settings and i’m not sure which ones would be the correct ones, but they look the same. I’ve tried different media as well. When I simulate it does it too.

the read buffer goes almost always to 0% the buffer level starts bouncing around. It doesn’t happen until about half way through burning.

I had the same problem and it happened when my NEC 2500 (Herrie v2b5) was going from 6X to 8X while writing a TDK DVD+R (RICHOJPNR01) 4X at 8X in P-CLV mode. Could that be a firmaware related problem?

PS Results: a coaster :frowning:

Try reducing the nero write buffer size to 32-40MB’s, or set to auto. I have similar issues when nero is set to use an 80MB buffer …

I have the same issue and it tends to be ram (ive got 512) and im looking to add more :slight_smile: