Burner and software advice

Doesn’t get more Newbe this

I have a computer with 512 mem, (p3 1000) win98/se
I am looking to make backups of dvd movies I currently have nero 6.0
which I currently use for cdrw and cdr copying.

any advice on a good DVD burner compatible with win98/se
and good burner software to buy that will make good dvd movie backups

I visited the Roxy Easy CD Creator site
(Unfortunately their current version has copyright protection and phone home activation like vista

I also visited the Nero site (their latest 7.0 version has copyright protection and I’m sure phone home vista like activation as well but I didn’t read on any more

I also visited new egg and sites like that but all burners I see say OEM with no software included or drivers which I’m not sure support win98 no operating system compatiblity info either,

Any Advice help Thanks

Welcome to CDFreaks, try to find BenQ 1650 or better 1655 (with LightScribe for CD/DVD Labeling). Some time you can find brand name like CompUSA , Connect, Norwood, HI-VAL or I/O Magic are repackage of BenQ 1650 or 1655 drives but before you purchase any of these repackage one make sure the drive (burner) inside is BenQ 1650 or 1655.

Hi Thanks
I searched foe about 2 hours for those BenQ models with no luck

Wake up folks!!! Nero, Roxie and unfortaunatly all newer burners ON THE MARKET are in bed with or will be in bed very shortly with Microsoft (XP, VISTA) as well as with the record and movie Industrusty, better hope your old burner’s and software never break down. but by then Nero and Roxie will be out of business or simplly bought out to gooo awaaay and the only gane in town left will be “you guessed it” Microsoft the wolf



First off are you going to keep your computer for some time to come? Have you thought of buying XP pro sp2 to upgrade your O/S? I also have nero Full version and I use it to burn mp3 to CDA format to play in my stereo. I do have other uses for it as well not limited to that function. And are you willing to buy the software to duplicate your DVD or looking for shareware? My choice would give slysoft site a try download their software for 21 day free trial and see if you like that software are Anydvd, Clonedvd, and CloneCd. I use those software to backup my dvd movies so I can protect my originals from scratches and damages. Also there are varying opinion on what drives will best suit your needs as they are relatively inexpensive now days ranging around $40 US. But stick with a drive with good reviews as those opinions from us users are dependent on how one’s software and hardware configuration setups. I for myself have a liteon LH-20A1H drive and has suited me well so far for my needs.

Hi thanks for info

Found a compatible burner for win98 took awhile but did
also you can bet I will not be upgrading any burner software in the future thats for sure,



As there is no restriction with Win9x preventing you from using a DVD writer, you can use any recent drive. The important thing is the IDE controller of your mainboard (it should support UDMA 66 on all ports, some VIA chipsets of that generation don’t properly) and a fast HDD drive. If these conditions are given, you can use nearly any drive on the market.
About software, you should be able to install the free update to Nero 6.6 available on nero.com
For video backups, you should also have a look at Clone DVD (there is a free trial available), but I am not sure, if Win9x is still supported. Many newer versions of CD/DVD writing software require Windows 2000 or XP at least.

Also keep in mind, that the FAT32 file system used by Win98 does not support larger files that 4 GB. In case you are running into trouble due to that, you have no other option than upgrading to Windows XP. And as you apparently don’t like that, then think about Linux. :bigsmile:

I also visited new egg and sites like that but all burners I see say OEM with no software included or drivers
As you already own a copy of Nero 6, this isn’t a problem at all. Also, there are no drivers needed for optical drives. Period.
which I’m not sure support win98 no operating system compatiblity info either
As already mentioned, you can run the piece of hardware called “DVD writer” regardless of your Windows version (unless you would still use Win 3.x)


Thanks very Good infor

Never thought about that “Win98 does not support larger files that 4 GB”

I will have to build a modest p4 HT and throw in 2 gig of mem this week
at least I’ll have many choices on burners for this

One question how can any late model burner work with win98 doesn’t the burner require a driver to function?

also if I get a OEM verion without software for XP, where do you get the driver from?

again thanks


For backing up movies you should look into DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink (for starters), both are freeware. They will split up large files automatically for you in FAT32.

As an alternative to Nero for your older PC, you can look at the program discussed here (it works both with 98 and XP): http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=145019. If the download link still works, you can get a free registration.

As [B]mciahel[/B] said, you don’t need any “drivers” (other than the ones that come with Windows and/or your PC’s mainboard chipset) for your new burner.

WOOT Windows 98! Go give yourself a pat on the back and go and get some beer. You deserve it! Really I do love 98. I pwnz new version. I do have some advice.

Why, more and more programs are becoming unusable with 98 becuase of the recent upgrades to vista. If you find a program that works with 98 stick with it. I am pretty sure DVD Shrink works with every os version with windows at the moment.

Pretty much everything works with 98 via you have the right cabels. 98 may need more tweeking but other then that it is pretty simple.

Here is a good thing to use with 98 burning data.
Deep Burner Free (http://www.deepburner.com/?r=download)
It worked with my other pc wich is running 98 so it should work with yours.
DVD Shrink (http://www.softpedia.com/get/CD-DVD-Tools/CD-DVD-Rip-Other-Tools/DVD-Shrink.shtml)

Bolth work fine and are free. Enjoy. Hope I helped you some.

“WOOT Windows 98! Go give yourself a pat on the back and go and get some beer. You deserve it! Really I do love 98. I pwnz new version. I do have some advice.”

You keep upgrading make sure to stay up to date Mr. Trendsetter

and the only thing you’ll be burning in the future is toast
and anything else Microsoft gives you permission to burn

also say hello to XP genic host process for me, as we’ll as the other 100’s of processes running in the background oh and the alert balloons almost forgot!!!


Thank you and mciahel you two were a great help
also excuse my last idiot post about drivers I should have read his message
he answered it already

Thanks again

no problem I do what I can to help on my experience to help others. But no questions are dumb or bad, its always good to ask cause there is bound to be someone that is looking to ask the same question or have a advice or workaround for problems.

If you looking to keep nero 6 at 6 level you should try to look at nero site for ftp or http download to update your nero 6 to make it more stable and more media and hardware compatible. I updated mine as stated to last version of nero 6 to nero that is the last update before the switched to nero 7 and from what I am reading seems to give alot of those users problems and glitches.