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Hello people,

I've been reading some of the old topics, and it seems that most people think Plextor is the best CD writer. I need a new one, so I was thinking a Plextor IDE 8x4x32, but then a lot of people said SCSI was better... trouble is I'm a scrub and can't reall afford the extra £££ for a more expensive drive and an adapter.

How much better is the SCSI drive? Or whats a good fast drive for no more than £200?



i dunno if that money is like french or english pounds or whatever, but if you cant afford anything else, the plextor IDE will be great for ya. it costs about 200-250 US, if that means anything to you.


I have the Plextor 8432 IDE, I’ve had it for about a month now and I have yet to make a coaster with it. I think it’s worth the money.
Great burner, for IDE that is.

Just a thought


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Yes SCSI may be better but i have an IDE burner and have had no trouble, IDE burners are more than capable of making backups of your games and such.


Ch5 Micky


Thanks for the replies…

I think I’ll go for the Sony 8x4x32 IDE- doesn’t seem to be much different from the Plextor, and I can use Clone CD with it… nice.