Burned working image file of mafia

I burned a working image file with clone cd and it works fine in the image drive . But when I burned the image to cd it doesn’t let the game load.:rolleyes:

What burner are you using to burn Mafia with?
If you are trying to play it from the burner you will need to use Hide CRD media in CloneCD Tray.
Or try running it from a CDRom/DVD drive.

the burner is a matshita cw-7586 the clone cd drive is the image drive that installs with the program

The Matsushita writers cannot write SafeDisc 2 without AWS enabled and even when it’s enabled there’s no guarantee. Try writing the images with ‘AWS’ enabled to a CD-RW disc and see if it works (remember that when playing from your writer you need Hide CDR Media enabled in the CloneCD tray). If that doesn’t work choose to emulate the so-called weak sectors (use the default Copy Protected PC Game). Remember to Hide CDR Media at all times when playing the emulated back-up. If you’re unclear on some things/terms I used please check out our search function. There loads of information in there!