Burned video appears pixellated


I seem to have this problem on and off.

After burning say an Xvid or Divx to disk that the film appears very pixellated as it it were an over compressed jpeg photo, also the colours are waaaaay off and very garish. Overall the videos are unwatchable.

This happened with my last burner, a Panasonic and now with a new Samsung.

The player is a Phillips.

Media is varied.

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere in a previous discussion:o:o

Thanks in advance,


How do the videos play on the PC? Are you converting these to DVD standard or just burning the avi’s as data? What burning program are you using and at what speed do you burn? Media does make a difference.

Hi Whappo,

Files play perfectly on my PowerMac, picture and sound ok.

The files are burned “as is” and not converted to DVD format.

I used to find that some AVI’s played soundless in Quicktime, these in particular I would convert with VisualHub and burn to dvd.

Toast is used to burn the discs. The present disc was burned at Max possible and then 16x but both have presented the problem of heavy pixellation with garish colours, although sound was aok.

Media is a mix of: Infiniti, Fuji, Prodisc and Verbatim (all inkjet printable).


Stick with Verbatim and burn at 8x. See if that helps.

I agree with Kerry56, use the Verbatim and slow down the burn speed to 8X.

Hello again,

Have just produced coaster no.4 :frowning: This one was burned on on Verbatim at 8x speed. The disc plays perfectly on the computer though.

Thanks for your help guys, I’ll convert it to DVD and then burn that.


Do you know if the videos are PAL or NTSC? Either will play on your computer but not on your standalone player unless it’s dual format.

Ahhhh !!! I have no idea to be honest, I didn’t realise that PAL or NTSC applied to AVI files.

I’ll search the web and see if there is an app to identify which format they’re in…brb :slight_smile:

Hah !!!

Just found out here: http://club.myce.com/f59/how-tell-if-avi-pal-ntsc-146262/

Sooo, I suppose the best way for me to work it now would be to check the format and then convert to DVD. It’s a good workaround although time consuming as the process time (for me) for an average film is about 65 minutes. I know, I know, but my Mac is about 5/6 years old now :frowning:

TPE :slight_smile:

And to add…just did a file info with VisualHub, it seems It is an NTSC, QED no PAL

Thanks for help time and help everyone, we continue on the great learning curve that is Life :slight_smile: