Burned successful but doesnt play



Hi i am having a problem getting burned dvd to play in dvd player. I am using dvd shrink and nero 9, it goes through the whole process of backing up and burning and completes successful but when i go to play it in a dvd player it says no play but it plays just fine on my pc. i have also tried using dvd decrypter and get the same problem. please help!!!


First thing you need to do, is check the model of your dvd player, and see what types of dvd’s it plays (ie +r, -r, etc.).

Second, what brand of dvd’s are you using?


Since the disk plays well on the pc, you’ve probably done a good job of decrypting the disk and getting it to the correct size to fit a dvdr.

Some dvd players are just picky about playing burned dvds. First thing to try is slowing down the burn speed. What type of disks are you using, and what speed did you burn on the first attempt?

Use Nero CD/DVD Speed and open the Disk Info tab. Tell us the mid code of the disks. Please also tell us the make and model burner you are using. That should show up at the top of the window for Nero CD/DVD Speed.
If you don’t have Nero CD/DVD Speed it is free to download and use: http://www.cdspeed2000.com/


the disks are verbatim dvd-r and the mid code is mcc 03rg20. I have been able to play my buddies burned disks (both +r and -r) on this same dvd player with no problem, which makes me think its something going wrong with the burn even though it says successful. I have been burning at 4x as well. thank you for your help. oh and the dvd burner is (atapi dvd a dh16a6l-c) at least thats what it says


Alright, you’ve picked good media, though most around here would advocate burning at 8x or 12x with this particular type. I don’t recognize the burner, but Google tells me it is in an HP computer?

Frankly there aren’t too many other things to try here. Do you still have the movie on the hard drive? You can try burning with another program. I use ImgBurn for all my video burns. It is free to download and use. www.imgburn.com

Look through the guides to burning dvd-video with it: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showforum=4
I don’t know if you have the movie in file form or as an ISO, but ImgBurn can work with either. Remember to set burning speed to 8x.


Thank you for your help, i used imgburn and it worked.